Neurology Details

Neurophysiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy which treats motor deficits arising from pathology in the nervous system. Due to the complexities of the central nervous system, people with neurological problems can have a variety of problems. These include muscle stiffness, spasticity, weakness of muscle, tremor, problems with sensation, gait and balance impairements etc These symptoms can lead to problems with everyday activities such as walking, getting dressed and feeding.

Bachelor of physiotherapy constitutes hands-on training that is essential to become a qualifying and successful physiotherapist. This campus has all facilities that help the student to practice and master the skills better. It provides the platform to acquire knowledge, develop skill and professional behaviours. Skills are trained through practice education, Clinical postings. field trips


Neuro Physiotherapy aims to identify and maximize movement potential andquality of life. The treatment programme is specific and based on goals identified during the initial assessment. These may include education, training, posture awareness, strengthening, stretching, sitting balance, standing balance, and walking practice. We address issues proactively to prevent long term problems from developing. The unique rehabilitation programme will aim to promote or enhance the movement potential in weaker muscle groups. Once the short term goals are achieved, a combination of neurophysiotherapy and the use of modalities like FES machines, Massage Therapy, Neuro Pilates and or Personal Training may be recommended to maintain and enhance your progress. We the Neurophysiotherapists are specialised in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have neurological conditions. We have many years of experience of working with people with neurological problems, in the hospital, community and outpatient settings.