Orthopaedic Details

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is a specialty that deals with the movement of Joints, strengthening of Muscles, coordinated movements of the Limbs and the physical function aspects of the human body. Manual therapy deals with the advanced therapeutic skills of a physiotherapist to administer therapy to the patient. The Sir Issac Newton College of Physiotherapy harbors various practices in effective patient management in par with the golden standards and is well equipped for the same. The college is also equipped with the modern instruments and technical devices required in assisting patient management

Bachelor of physiotherapy constitutes hands-on training that is essential to become a qualifying and successful physiotherapist. This campus has all facilities that help the student to practice and master the skills better. It provides the platform to acquire knowledge, develop skill and professional behaviours. Skills are trained through practice education, Clinical postings. field trips


Orthopaedics and Manual therapy in Sir Issac Newton College of physiotherapy is an active specialty in the Sir Issac Newton college of Physiotherapy. There are very experienced faculty members with unique set skills like physical diagnosis, manual therapy and post operative management of orthopedic conditions.An active academic schedule with concept mapping, group learning, case discussions and evaluative seminars keep the students on the run and enthusiastically involved with the program.Research is also an important criterion in the specialty with active projects for both the undergraduate and the post graduate program.The clinical exposure is also appreciated with an adequate work load with clinical teaching in the out patient department and also the bedside. The students are exposed to active clinical management of the patients and also encouraged to take part in active deliberations in the management of clinical cases.